Tax Certiorari

Tax Certiorari Services:

One of the greatest financial impacts on Co-op Corporations and for individual Condominium Unit Owners is the impact of escalating real estate taxes.

Large increases in real estate taxes frequently have a dramatic effect on individual owners and often affect the value of the apartments in the building.

To further complicate matters, the process by which real estate taxes are calculated is often difficult to understand.

Each of our clients annually protests the assessed value of their properties in what is called a tax certiorari proceeding.

It is a common source of frustration as to why this intricate process has such a dramatic impact on finances without seeing tangible immediate positive results, or results that may take many years to achieve.

Maxwell-Kates, Inc., An Associa Company has a Tax Specialist on hand offering this valuable additional service to our clients including:

• Explanation of the overall process including annual filings
• Strategy to be proactive by moving the protests forward within the tax commission and law department
• Complete review of new assessments and their impact on budgets and individual owners
• Work with counsel and accountants to provide data challenging the assessed values and an analysis and opinion with respect to acceptance or rejection of offers