Technology &

At Maxwell-Kates we have long recognized that two of the cornerstones of successful real estate property management services are immediate access to reliable information and efficient and proactive communication between our staff members and clients. To deliver these premium level services, we continue to invest in proven, state-of-the-art technology.

24/7 Access to Knowledge Base

Our systems provide highly reliable, integrated communications services that provide secure remote access to employees working remotely, and on-site, so they can access the information they need at any time to maximize service to our clients. In addition, clients have immediate access to appropriate documents as soon as they are available, for example, their monthly financial reports, which can be shared digitally via our secure document sharing platform.

Your Information is Secure

The most advanced security tools currently available protect access to your information.
All systems sit behind multiple layers of protection and are regularly scanned to protect against viruses, malware, and unauthorized access. Full back-ups of your files are performed daily to minimize the possibility that any information is ever lost.

Best in Class Technology Partners

Maxwell-Kates works with best-in-class technology partners for the benefit of our clients, including:

Microsoft Office 365 (Secure Document Storage, File Sharing, Email)
MRI (Financial and P&L Management, Payroll)
AVIDXchange (Vendor Invoice Processing and Payments)
ClickPay (Billing and Collection of Monthly Maintenance, Common Charges, and Rent)
Board Packager (Document Repository for all Building Alteration Agreements, Applications (rental and sale), Leases, and more)