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Founded in 1986, MAXWELL-KATES, INC. brings its
comprehensive team approach to all of our clients.
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The collaboration of our experienced executives, together with the leadership of our boards and the abilities of our resident managers have resulted in productive and well operated buildings. When working together to accomplish a purpose, building policies are formulated, structural and financial issues get addressed and practical solutions are reached. At Maxwell-Kates, Inc. we find that teamwork, expertise and commitment to our clients are vital components to the success of our managed properties. Our up to date technological resources as well as the extensive real estate background of our management team, provide our boards with information so they are able to make educated and informed decisions. At Maxwell-Kates, Inc. we use the most up to date and sophisticated technologies available to manage your building as effectively as possible. However, it is our philosophy that, even more important than the technology, servicing our clients is best accomplished by an organization that is built on family values and relies on team work to accomplish our goals. As co-owners of the firm, we share the same office, at facing desks, discussing and solving problems together. We have an open door policy at all times, which encourages our employees to come in and discuss any problems they might be facing, whether business related or personal. By creating one cohesive unit, like a family, we provide the highest level of service to meet our clients’ needs.

When Maxwell-Kates was founded in 1986, the principals, Robert Freedman and Eugene DeGidio knew they wanted to create a new kind of real estate management firm. They envisioned a firm devoted to service, teamwork and collegial relationships. As a confirmation of the effective execution of this vision, Maxwell-Kates currently manages over 12,000 units in over 130 buildings.

From day one, any time a client from a Maxwell-Kates managed building contacts the office with a question, they will receive a prompt and appropriate answer. This approach of expedient service is and has always been a company wide policy and is always to be anticipated. Should the building’s manager be unavailable, another knowledgeable member of the staff will provide a suitable answer.

Whether it is a request to the building manager, the accounting department, the transfer department, or any other department at the firm, there is always an individual available to help provide a quick and appropriate response. Due to this strong sense of accountability and teamwork, there is never a wait for a solution or a response to any question.

“Dedicated to enhancing and providing the finest possible service to our clients.”

The Team Approach

A major part of our responsibility to our clients is to provide a level of service where no detail is overlooked and all issues are anticipated and handled promptly. Facilitating this, our Account Executives are supported by skilled associates and together they oversee every detail of your building operations to ensure suitable staff performance, quick initiation of Board directives, and the financial health of your building.

Working With the Board

Maxwell-Kates’ experienced Account Executives pride themselves in their close relationships with Board Members. The Maxwell-Kates management team provides our Boards’ with a wealth of experience to help Board members make appropriate decisions. Once decisions are reached, Maxwell-Kates takes all steps to implement the Board’s directives expeditiously and effectively.

Board Meetings

Your Account Executive will attend all monthly meetings. The agent will prepare the agendas for the meetings, and, if requested, the agent will prepare and maintain the meeting’s minutes. When appropriate, other members of the Maxwell-Kates team will also attend meetings, including the principals of the company, physical plant specialists, in-house counsel, or a member of our financial department.


Our internal communications systems is set up so any inquiries whether they be by telephone, e-mail or written correspondence from either Board members or residents of your building, are handled as quickly as possible, if not immediately.


Maxwell-Kates recognizes the importance of safety and security and therefore devotes substantial time to this issue in managing our client’s properties. We work with Boards, residents and staff to ensure that there are no breaches of security. At several of our clients’ buildings, we have initiated and installed computer monitored card operated locks on all doors, including the front entrance, the laundry room and the storage rooms. Maxwell-Kates also ensures that all residents are advised of all New York City safety regulations and strives to provide them with all available safety tips. We also work with building staff and boards to create extensive security, safety, evacuation and emergency procedures.

In-House Counsel

Maxwell-Kates, Inc.’s In-House Counsel provides support to our staff in revising contracts and letters and making recommendations to our clients, as well as keeping our staff and clients up-to-date on changing laws, regulations and requirements.

In addition, our In-House Counsel oversees our Ethics & Compliance Department, as well as handles important administrative activities involving building laws and codes, which allow the building Account Executives/Property Managers/Administrative Assistants, and their staffs to concentrate on the physical plant, building and staff union issues, fiscal and budgetary matters, and resident concerns.

At Maxwell-Kates, Inc. we have long recognized that two of the cornerstones of successful real estate management services are immediate access to reliable information and efficient communication between our staff members and clients. To deliver these premium level services, we continue to invest in proven, up-to-date technology.

24/7 Access to Knowledge Base:

Our systems provide highly reliable, integrated communications services that connect mobile employees and on-site management offices to a central location where they can access the information they need at any time to maximize service to our clients. Our systems provide company-wide access to collaborative information such as calendars, e-mail, contact information and company documents. In addition, clients can have immediate access to appropriate documents as soon as they are available, for example, their monthly financial reports, without the need for any hard copies to be generated, brought to the building, and then stored.

Your Information is Secure:

• The most advanced security tools currently available protect access to your information
• All e-mail and system disks are scanned and updated on a daily basis to protect against viruses
• Full back-ups of your files are performed daily to minimize the possibility that any information is ever lost.

State-of-the-Art Accounting Software:

Maxwell-Kates utilizes “MRI” real estate software to help maintain the financial assets of our clients. MRI is a division of “Intuit Corporation” and they are a leading provider of information systems to real estate management firms worldwide. MRI software is a powerful and flexible system, which contains a vast reporting library and gives us the flexibility to quickly and easily modify reports to the custom needs of our clients.

Property Portfolio

Maxwell-Kates, Inc., is one of the leading real estate management companies in the New York and New Jersey area since 1986. Providing a vast portfolio of clientele with full service management solutions, Maxwell-Kates continues to carry out its tradition of managerial expertise, innovative techniques, and corporate integrity.
Maxwell-Kates is pleased to partner with BoardPackager to provide paperless building documentation. Please click here to view our building portfolio, download documents, apply online and more.

Maxwell-Kates is pleased to partner with BoardPackager to provide paperless building documentation. Please click here to view our building portfolio, download documents, apply online and more.


Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns that you might have, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Maxwell-Kates, Inc. has expanded in its real estate services to include its new division, MKI Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Equipped with long standing relationships with leaders in the insurance industry, be assured you will receive the most desirable and comprehensive coverage at the most competitive rates. Through aggressive marketing and negotiating techniques, MKI Insurance Brokeage Inc. will interview brokers as well as carriers to obtain the best possible package that suits the needs and expectations of our clients. If you would like more information regarding our insurance affiliate, please contact Max Freedman at (212) 684-8282, extension 6656.

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